Video: 1939 Ensemble – “Roshambo”

1939 Ensemble serves up a musical gauntlet in “Roshambo.” Echoing effects crackle across the room as the band dives into a hypnotic xylophone melody and some brooding drumming. As one last xylophone note rings out in reverberation, David Coniglio swings into a crushing drumbeat to get this song rockin’.


After settling into a chill groove, the duo pauses for a second, dropping in a couple of soft notes before flying back into rhythm with some distorted mayhem to really crank things up. Check it out!


Be sure to Catch 1939 Ensemble at the PDX Pop Now! Festival July 22-24!


– Austen


Recorded before a live audience August 4th, 2013 at Banana Stand in Portland, OR. Featuring 1939 Ensemble.

Camera operators: Michael McInerney, Tyler Bertram and Darren Hartman. Edited by Mike McInerney. Audio recorded and mixed by Zach Stamler. Mastered by Chris Vita. Produced by Banana Stand.