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Banana Stand is a production company in Portland, Oregon. We make things.


About Live from the Banana Stand

Mostly, Banana Stand makes live records and music videos. We’ve made a lot of them: 82 albums and 93 music videos as of April, 2016. We’ve been lucky to make records for a lot of great bands, including Radiation City, And And And, The Domestics, Tango Alpha Tango, Modern Kin, 1939 Ensemble, The Woolen Men, and Minden.


All releases in the Live from the Banana Stand series were recorded before live audiences at our secret house venue (the eponymous Banana Stand). Each is available for pay-what-you-want download. Banana Stand does not charge bands or show attendees.


Our goals:

* Make excellent live records and music videos for the best live bands.
* Engage more people to support worthy performing artists.
* Develop support from brands and the public to do this more, and better.


Neither Banana Stand nor those who work on it earn much money as a result of Live from the Banana Stand. But, we know Portland’s bands deserve to be documented, and we think it’s always better to make things than to not. So, we continue to make live records, and, because we care a lot about what we make, we continue to improve.


Ghost Ease-6098
The Ghost Ease performing at Banana Stand in March, 2015


Praise for Banana Stand

“…the best document of Portland’s thriving underground that I’m aware of.”

David Greenwald
The Oregonian/OregonLive


“[Banana Stand] looked interesting, and the set by Blue Skies for Black Hearts sounded pretty damn good…”

Larry Crane
Tape Op Magazine, Jackpot! Recording Studio


“Except [Banana Stand’s] shows live on past the single, glorious night in which they occur. Each one is recorded and made available to the public, through their website and a short run of CDs. Their shows kick ass in perpetuity. In a music scene as ephemeral as Portland’s, that serves a crucial purpose.”

Matt Singer, The Basement Tapers
Willamette Week


“the kind of rare experience where musicians are treated with respect in a carefree and professional environment where everyone cares a lot.”

Nathan Trueb
Tango Alpha Tango


“Portland’s best kept secret and possible ground zero of the latest wave of bands set to take over the world must be The Banana Stand.”

Pat Kearns
Blue Skies for Black Hearts, PermaPress Studio


Read more on our Press and Testimonial pages.


The Domestics performing at Banana Stand in April, 2015


By The Numbers

First Show: December 31st, 2007

As of 3/25/2016:
* 106 house shows
* 82 live records
* 80+ music videos
* More than 185,000 combined streaming plays
* More than two dozen underpaid media professionals


Why Banana Stand

Portland is fortunate to have a terrific amount of musical talent. But, fewer participate in local music than could. Incredible performances go missed by many. Banana Stand increases engagement with Portland’s music by documenting live performances and making them as available as possible. We hope that, through Banana Stand, more people in Portland can connect to and enjoy local performing artists.


Boone Howard performing at Doug Fir Lounge on October 10th, 2015


Who works on Banana Stand?

Banana Stand is staffed by a network of nearly three dozen creative professionals. Find out about Banana Stand’s staff here:
* Audio
* Visual
* Operating


Creative professionals who participate in Live from the Banana Stand are compensated at rates far below their market value. Many staff essentially donate their time and expertise for free. Banana Stand often takes on video or audio service contracts as a means of providing additional income to our creative staff. Banana Stand’s founders have not profited from Banana Stand.


Occasionally, Banana Stand partners with a brand like Red Bull, Portland State University, or CD Baby. These relationships help Banana Stand do cool things. Moving forward, it’s our goal that Live from the Banana Stand and other projects be funded (and bands and creative staff compensated) by these and other brand relationships.


Supporting Banana Stand

If you like Banana Stand, please purchase a shirt or record from our online store. Please also Like us on Facebook and Instagram, follow us on Twitter, and look us up on Vimeo and YouTube.


If you have other questions, here are answers to those most frequently asked. Please also feel free to contact us. Thanks for stopping by!

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