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Since 2007 Banana Stand has made cool live records and music videos with modest equipment and the hard work and ingenuity of dedicated production staff. Our current setup is described below.


Mobile Audio
Our mobile recording setup traditionally consists of the following equipment. This setup can be easily extended to suit the needs of your project.


Antelope Orion 32


2x AEA RPQ500
Shadow Hills Mono GAMA
Rupert Neve Designs 511
Avedis Audio MA5
API 3124 (4-channel)
Great River Electronics MP4 (4-channel)
2x ART Dual MP (4 total channels)


Banana Stand has a 12-channel, transformer-isolated XLR splitter and corresponding XLR snakes suitable for most venues.


Audio At Banana Stand
We use the above mobile rig when recording at Banana Stand. Live sound is run via a Mackie Onyx 1640i, which also serves as a redundant recording interface. Monitoring is provided by 3 Mackie Thump TH15s and 2 Mackie SRM150s, each of which can receive it’s own monitor mix. Our pals The Greater Midwest donated our front-of-house PA, which is mono but sounds just fine. We use a variety of microphones, including several on loan from our friends Ear Trumpet Labs. We’ve treated our space with more than 50 acoustic treatments to make things sound nice.


Please contact us if you have any questions about our recording setup.


Banana Stand shoots primarily on full-frame Canon DSLRs.

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