Booking or promoting upcoming tour dates? Need to show a label how ripping your live show is? Reach out and let’s team up!


Whether you’re looking to record a performance before an audience, an intimate acoustic session, a single track, or a full live record, Banana Stand is your best choice for the following services:

  • Video shoots
  • Video post production
  • Multitrack audio recording
  • Audio mixing & mastering
  • Photography


Who We Are
Founded as a house venue in 2006, we’ve since become the Pacific Northwest’s best choice for live audio/video documentation, producing nearly 100 live records and more than 300 music videos, all while maintaining the same independent, grassroots ethic that got us into house shows in the first place.


Proven Results
We have extensive experience and excellent relationships with most Portland venues. Pitchfork, Atlantic Records, Red Bull Sound Select, KEXP, and tons of other artists and media organizations have relied on our services in the past.


Check out some of our recent results:


Let’s team up!

Rates start at around $500. Please contact us at info (at), and we’ll be excited to discuss your project!


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  1. Our band [glazier] is looking to get a short live session filmed soon and have heard great things about your company and its services. We would like to know your pricing and if you prefer filming in your space versus somewhere that the band has in mind.

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