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If you’re looking to connect with some of Portland’s hardest working audio, video, and event teams – hire Banana Stand. We make good things.


Audio & Video Recording
Since 2008, Banana Stand has been working around Portland in a variety of settings for mobile, multi-track, live-audio recording. Why?

  • Talent and experience. Our staff’s depth of knowledge of both the live and studio sound environments makes Banana Stand uniquely suited to making excellent live recordings.
  • Professionally tested gear suitable for any environment.
  • A near decade-long track record of delivering excellent results in the live environment, with more than 150 live sets recorded.
  • Excellent relationships with engineering and coordinating staff at some of Portland’s best venues, with projects and events at Doug Fir, Mississippi Studios, Star Theater, Holocene, Kelly’s Olympian, Bunk Bar, Alberta Street Pub, and others.

Since 2013, Banana Stand has curated major events for Red Bull Sound Select, Portland State University, Montucky Cold Snacks, and release shows for our live albums with up-and-coming bands. In this capacity, Banana Stand secures and manages talent and leverages our brand’s relationships and equity to make events more beneficial for all parties involved.


Whatever your project, we would love to talk with you about it. Please email us at info (at)

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