Banana Stand has been fortunate to partner with many other local and not local organizations on a variety of projects.


Unpeeled Series Sponsors

Banana Stand thanks the following organizations for their support of Unpeeled, without which the series would not be possible: Ear Trumpet Labs, Jackpot! Recording Studio, Revival Drum Shop, and Alberta Street Pub.


Caravan, Inc.

Banana Stand has since 2016 relied on Caravan, Inc. to coordinate digital distribution of our audio and video media and to manage our artist accounting. Huge thanks, Caravan.


Doug Fir Lounge

Doug Fir has long been one of Banana Stand’s favorite venues for seeing a show or recording a live album. Banana Stand has since 2016 partnered with Doug Fir to obtain new production opportunities and produce media in its spaces. We thank them.


CD Baby

Our friends at CD Baby sponsor placement of our records to iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify, and all other major online retailers. We thank them.


In addition to those listed above, Banana Stand has also been fortunate to benefit from the support of many others, including Atlantic Records, Cravedog, Dig A Pony, Double Dragon, ElevenPDX, Floating World Comics, Hawthorne Theater, Hazelfern Cellars, Holocene, KIND Snacks, Lonesome’s Pizza, Mississippi Studioss, Montucky Cold Snacks, PALS Clubhouse, PDX Pop Now!, PermaPress Recording Studio, Pitchfork, Portland Mercury, Portland State University, Red Bull Sound Select, SoHiTek, Stumptown Printers, Vita Mastering, WEINLAND Creative. We thank them for their partnership.

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