Live Record: 1939 Ensemble


1939 Ensemble is, without question, one of the most impressive bands in Portland today, and this album is one of the best albums Banana Stand has ever released.


1939 Ensemble has an established amount of credibility anchored by Jose Medeles (former drummer for The Breeders and owner of Revival Drum Shop). The experimental, drum-based duo is rounded out with the expert percussionist David Coniglio, and this session features Josh Thomas on trumpet. Together, the group is able to create driving, jazz-like tunes unlike no other artist we’ve ever heard.



Engineer Zach Stamler had this to say about the tracks:


“This was a fun one to record and mix. There was the question of how to separate those huge, bombastic drums from an acoustic instrument that was already in danger of being overwhelmed by its own processed copy (we wound up using plexi and a few of our usual iso panels). Also, I think I put nine or ten mics on the drum set. I was warned against this for simplicity’s sake, but hey, I think the results speak for themselves. Anyway, enough of my technical blather. The point is, these guys love what they do, and it shows. Listen well!”


We agree. Just listen.


– Aaron


1939 Ensemble – Live from the Banana Stand was recorded before a live audience on August 3rd, 2013 at the Banana Stand in Portland, Oregon. The album was recorded by Zach Stamler and Adam Harney, mixed by Zach Stamler, and mastered by Chris Vita. Dane Brist produced art for the album, which includes original photography Michael McInerney. Videos of 1939 Ensemble’s performance at Banana Stand feature footage from camera operators Michael McInerney, Darren Hartman, and Tyler Bertram, and were directed and edited by Michael McInerney. Banana Stand would like to thank 1939 Ensemble (José, David, and Josh), all who participated in this album’s creation and anyone that has helped us out along the way.


Find more from 1939 Ensemble on Bandcamp and Facebook.