Unpeeled: Laura Palmer’s DEATH PARADE – “I’m the Only One”

This installment of Unpeeled features another soulful performance from Laura Palmer’s DEATH PARADE.


As the Willamette River bubbles in the background, Laura swings between chords, strumming and picking an easy-going progression to set the mood.


With soft but explicit lyrics, Laura gives a leisurely description of the difficulties of intimate romance over the relaxed, river-side background. It’s a personal song with a peaceful setting and performance that will put you at ease.


Be sure to catch Laura Palmer’s DEATH PARADE July 20th when the band headlines Mississippi Studios’ Ear Candy showcase!



– Austen


“I’m the Only One” was performed by Laura Palmer’s DEATH Parade and was recorded January 15th, 2016 in Portland, Oregon. The video features footage from camera operator Darren Hartman and was directed and edited by Darren Hartman. Audio for this video was recorded and mixed by Matthew Thomson.