Unpeeled: Ezza Rose – “Next To You”

This edition of Unpeeled finds us in a cozy, musical nook with Ezza Rose. Perched between an old piano and a wall lined with stringed instruments, Ezza finger picks a classical guitar, laying a foundation of tranquil notes to compliment her serene voice.


With each chorus, Ezza creates a dreamy swing between two chords, using her voice and soft strumming. This seizes the listeners utmost attention as she weaves a story about a struggle of love.


Be sure to catch Ezza Rose at Rontoms on July 24 as she caps off her west coast tour.


– Austen


“Next to You” was performed by Ezza Rose and was recorded December 18th, 2015 in Portland, Oregon. The video features footage from camera operator Michael Reiersgaard and was edited by Darren Hartman. Audio for this video was recorded and mixed by Matthew Thomson.