Video: 1939 Ensemble – “Slidey”

This might be the closest you get to flying around Portland at the helm of an alien spacecraft. In “Slidey,” a driving drumbeat paves the way through beeping and whirring effects to make room for an infectious vibraphone rhythm.


Things get real when the the 1939 Ensemble kicks up the tempo and adds some heavier effects to give the performance a real boost. Clocking in at about two and a half minutes, this little video packs a big punch!


– Austen


Recorded before a live audience August 4th, 2013 at Banana Stand in Portland, OR. Featuring 1939 Ensemble.


Camera operators: Michael McInerney, Tyler Bertram and Darren Hartman. Edited by Mike McInerney. Audio recorded by Zach Stamler. Mastered by Chris Vita. Produced by Banana Stand.