Live Record: Tiger House

Tiger House is a group from Portland that combines humor and talent into a jagged blend of power pop that inspires rocking out to the fullest extreme. Recorded on January 23rd, 2010, the live album from Tiger House came out quickly thanks to Alex Arrowsmith’s mixing. A key member of the Banana Stand crew, and former Tiger House band member, Arrowsmith did a great job capturing the energy of that night’s music.


The event was one of the most packed crowds we’ve ever had at a live recording, thanks to Asteroid M, who opened that night. In fact, so many people turned out for the show we had to change our policy regarding attendance. Now, only the first fifty people are allowed to the recording.


With songs like “Video Vamp” about Castelvania, and “Axe Cop” about the popular webcomic of the same name, Tiger House certainly has a sense of humor. But with tracks like “Sun Smoke” and “Plurals” it’s clear they’re a focused group of talented musicans. The energy of the night captured on the live album grows with repeated listens. Enjoy.