Live Record: Prizzy Prizzy Please

Prizzy Prizzy Please played The Banana Stand as a special stop on their west coast tour, bringing out a huge crowd for the show. Originally from Bloomington, Indiana but now in Chicago, the band is well acquainted with Banana Stand members who are also from the Midwest. Many of the members of Prizzy Prizzy Please studied their technique at Indiana University’s prestigious Jacobs School of Music, but don’t expect traditional songs. Combining saxophone, digital keys, loud guitar and a singer who hits falsetto as well as he does metal-growls, Prizzy Prizzy Please play with a reckless abandon that gels due to their individual skills as musicians.


One of the few nights we tried to record three bands in only four hours, Nicholas Taplin mixed the set as best as he could, leaving in the crowd, feedback, and drunken hollers from members of The Banana Stand excited to see their friends play so many miles away from home. We’re happy to release this download for free, and ask you support Prizzy Prizzy Please by letting your friends know about this album. The download comes complete with tour-diary notes from the band’s Scottie McNiece, with original art by Tony Ong.


Highlights of the night include “Rockit Bootz” and “Melt Melt-Down”. But the catchiest song is, without a dobut, “Campfire Girls Weekend Party”. Listen, love, repeat. It’ll get stuck in your head, but that’s a good thing.