Live Record: Genders

Banana Stand is excited to share with you Gender’s most recent live record release, featuring colorfully crafted and highly energetic songs by the multi-talented musicians Maggie Morris (lead guitar/vocals), Stephen Leisy (guitar/vocals), and Katherine Paul (drums/vocals).


Over the past few days, I have found myself relishing in the tone of this compilation and welcoming it as a sort of soundtrack to my daily life.  In one moment, I am walking down yet another animated street of Sunnyside singing along to the hard-hitting, first track of the record, “Never Belonged To You”.  All of the sudden, I find myself pulled into a dream-like trance, sprawled out across my bed, shutting my eyes and releasing a deep exhale as I soak in the drifting guitar riffs and reverb-steeped vocals captured in “Cosmic Zeros”. As I slowly open my eyes, I am greeted by the warm sunlight of a Portland summer morning, the soothing smell of a fresh cup of coffee, along with Gender’s exuberant “Life Is But A Dream”.


Genders at Bananastand-0122-HQ


It’s energetic swells and vocal outbreaks keep me company as I sit and observe the vibrant array of characters moseying past my front stoop.  In contrast, “Something To Get You By” feels like the release of turmoil, the shaking off of some kind of inner, lurking anxiety, or an escape from a bad dream.  As a whole, the record feels like a truly honest offering of an experience through the lens of a young person simply trying to navigate this strange and distorted world.


Genders at Bananastand-0082-HQ
What fascinates me about this particular live release is Gender’s unparalleled ability to capture the attention of listeners and ignite inspiration through a completely raw and honest expression of vulnerability.  The fuzzy, dream rock trio displays a unique, unkept sound and undeniable confidence.  These songs are untamed and moody, alternating between what feels like a summer daydream and an emotive, mental explosion.  Sweet and wandering, cloudy and temperamental, thunderously fierce – Genders lays it all out on the table in the basement of Banana Stand.


– Grace Bugbee


Genders at Bananastand-0107-HQ



“Genders- Live from the Banana Stand” was recorded before a live audience March 12th, 2016 at Banana Stand in Portland, OR and features Genders. The video features footage from camera operators Michael McInerney, Darren Hartman, Tyler Bertram, Guy Wagner, and Sam Smith and was directed and edited by Michael McInerney. Audio for this video recorded by Tim Shrout and Matt Thomson, mixed by Tim Shrout, and mastered by Matt Thomson.

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