Live Record: The We Shared Milk (2009)

The We Shared Milk’s first set at The Banana Stand was the second full-length album to ever come out from Banana Stand Media, in part because the band is so easy to work with artistically, and second because they shred righteous rock and fucking roll. The core group hosts drummer Eric Ambrosius of World’s Greatest Ghosts, and lead-singer and guitarist Boone Howard, who tours with Portugal. The Man. Although both of the other projects they are involved with may get more attention in the press, The We Shared Milk are far more raw, and honest in their music than nearly any other band in Portland.


Vic Lund mixed the recording from January 24th, 2009, and listened to the set in-person as his own group, Wright and Rude, performed the same night. The original show poster, and eventual first-round album art, were created by Tony Ong. The design was so successful that Tony printed, framed, and hung one as part of his exhibit at Hawthorne Hideaway, where it sold despite being in the middle of the especially hard-hit Portland during the economic recession. The image of the lone figure surrounded by multiple footprints, dead and covered in blood in the middle of the snow covered forest seems synched to songs like “Guilt” even though the poster was created well before The We Shared Milk performed.


While the album is heavy, fast, and riotous for the most part, there are some softer moments like “Blake” that hint of The We Shared Milk’s ability to span a comfortable spectrum of music that is, at its heart, truly independent.