Live Record: Talkative

Talkative – Live from the Banana Stand is our first release of the 2012, and can be downloaded in its entirety for pay-what-you-want on January 10, 2012. We’re very proud to start off what we know will be an incredible year with a such a talented up-and-coming band. We hope you enjoy. Be sure to look back here every couple weeks for more album releases.


We didn’t know what to think once we realized how many different sounds we needed to record when Talkative started the night on May 28th, 2011. The band had driven up to Portland and were playing along side the relatively standard three-piece group The Polyps, and the drum and guitar duo known as The Blast Majesty. Luckily, the added effects and time taken to set up all of the different microphones, direct-input signals, guitars, and drums were well worth the effort as Talkative easily became one our favorite recordings from the year.


While the group definitely have some strong Animal Collective influence, the drawn-out ambient noise can linger in a psychedelic groove or burst into an all-out rock freak jam that seems to be popular with everyone in Oregon who enjoys mind bending from time to time, making them unique. I won’t deny that some of the songs don’t jump out at a listener right away, but give the band time to build the tone and you’ll apperciate the pay-off all the more when all of the different components come together.



In truth, this live album out of all the others that we’ve released really benefits from being listened to as a whole. Finding a single track to preview was difficult because each song leads into the other, building off the sounds. It’s clear that Talkative is attemting to make a whole world in which an audience can live in for the moment. Whether or not you enjoy living there is entirely up to you, but take our world for it – it’s a magical place.


With two full-lengths out in 2011 alone, we hope to see Talkative continue to expirment with sound and evolve into the stellar team of professionals we hope they can be. Just listen to how well they pull-off their complex and layered material live, and you’ll understand how much potential Talkative has to become one of the hottest bands in Portland.





Talkative – Live fron the Banana Stand was recorded in front of a live audience on May 28, 2011 at the Banana Stand in Portland, Oregon. The album was mixed and mastered by Chris Vita. Brian David Smith designed the album art, which includes photos from various ‘Standers, as well as the original poster art. The Banana Stand would like to thank Talkative (C. Berger, K. Taft, and A. Muhareb), all who participated in this album’s creation, and anyone that has helped us out along the way.


Frind more from Talkative on Bandcamp, Facebook, and MySpace.