Interview: Log Across The Washer

Soon after helping propel And And And to being named Willamette Week's Best New Band of 2011 (previous winners include Sallie Ford and The Sound Outside, Explode Into Colors, The Shaky Hands, and more), Tyler Keene left the group to focus on his own style of music under the name Log Across The Washer. Although less than a year old, the ever prolific Keene has released a free collection of twenty-seven songs (.zip) that hint at his previous group's roots, but reveal a sound that's unlike anything else in Portland today. Be sure to download the tracks, especially “The Emmys,” which was easily one of the Top 5 songs released in the city last year. We asked Keene and new band members Jackson Bihler and Steve Schob some questions about live music in preperation for their secret, live recording here at The Banana Stand. We hope to see you out at the show.

How long has the band been together in its current form? How did it come together?

Current form, since 12/29/11.

Tell us your thoughs about recording live. What makes you want to record at The Banana Stand?

Jackson Bihler: We're glad the 'Stand wants to record us because we love the easily metabolized character of bananas. You will be providing bananas, right?

What's your favorite memory of a live show?

JB: Steve [Schob] had just seen Trans-Siberian Orchestra at the Rose Garden and came to the show with a murky awe in his eyes. He was still imagining the light show while performing with us and was, well, lights out.

What are your favorite live albums?

JB: Pink Floyd's Is There Anybody Out There? (The Wall: Live 1980 – 1981).

Steve Schob: Anything Peter Frampton does.

Tyler Keene: Paris by The Cure.

What other projects are you involved with?

JB: Pedal Home.

SS: You don't actually want me to list them all. [Ed. note: We would have probably listed them all, unless it was weird or something.]

TK: To quote Cappadonna, “Park Hill Projects, chicka-pow!”

What are you working on lately?strong>

SS: Providing some undeciable statements.

TK: Making a stronger effort to see my family more often.

Big thanks to Jackson, Steve, and Tyler of Log Across The Washer for answering questions. The trio will be recording live at The Banana Stand later this month at a secret show. The above images were taken from Log Across The Washer press material. 

Find out more about Log Across The Washer on Tumblr and SoundCloud.