Live Record: The We Shared Milk (2012)

The We Shared Milk – Live from the Banana Stand will be released on Tuesday, November 27th, or on Saturday, November 24th if you make it to our Benefit Show for New Avenues For Youth at Kelly’s Olympian, which will also serve as this album’s release event. The show will feature The We Shared Milk, Fanno Creek, Talkative, and Tiger House, and is for a great cause.


Ok. This one should be easy.


The We Shared Milk is my favorite band to see play live in Portland. I consider this to be one of the best live sets we’ve ever recorded. If you need other reasons you should download this live album — which is FREE, by the way — well, I don’t know what else I can do for you.


We have affection for lots of bands in the scene. But, as this is the third live album we’ve put out from The We Shared Milk, you know they are sort of our dudes. Maybe it’s because we’ve grown into the scene together. Their first live album, performed at Banana Stand in January 2009 and mixed by Vic Lund, was just the second album released in our Live from the Banana Stand series. It was also one of the band’s first shows in Portland. Their second live release, produced by Alex Arrowsmith and one of the very best of our live series, was recorded just as we were finding our footing. The We Shared Milk were still developing as well, as bassist Danny Felts and guitarist Nate Sickler would leave the band in the months following the recording of that album.


Now joined by bassist Travis Leipzig, and, as of this writing, fresh off a national tour with NYC’s The Dig, The We Shared Milk are better than ever. Their latest full length, History of Voyager & Legend Tripping, is the band’s most mature work to date. It has me really looking forward to what The Milk does in the studio next. Similarly, the band’s live set is really phenomenal. Always inspired, The We Shared Milk’s performances have reached new heights in 2012. We’re happy to say that their latest live album makes this very apparent — as do the Collective-47-produced videos of their performance. In Leipzig, longtime members Boone Howard and Eric Ambrosious have found the perfect complement to their frenetic energy. Together, this powerful trio seems to be primed to take things to the next level in 2013.



This record is notable for two other reasons as well. First, it was mixed at Jackpot! Recording Studio. This is the first Banana Stand album to have benefited from that space, and we have to give huge thanks to Larry Crane for making that possible. Not only did he help mix the record by putting together the intitial setup at Jackpot!, but he has been extremely supportive in general. Larry’s reputation as one of the nicest folks in Portland music has been totally confirmed by our experiences with him. We highly recommend working with him, if you have the opportunity. Thanks also to Adam Harney, who did the bulk of the mix at Jackpot!, and to Chris Vita for his mastering work.


Second, this is, by our count, the fiftieth album to be released by Banana Stand. We couldn’t have chosen a better album to mark the occasion, or a band we’d rather celebrate that milestone with. We couldn’t have reached this point without help from tons and tons of people. We’d like to give special thanks to our post-production staff, visual team, and the dozens of folks listed here.


Banana Stand has even more great things in store for 2013, as do The We Shared Milk. So, if you like this album, please buy it! All proceeds are split between bands, Banana Stand, and our post-production staff.


Hope you dig the release as much as we do!




The We Shared Milk – Live from the Banana Stand was recorded before a live audience on May 5th, 2012 at the Banana Stand in Portland, Oregon. The album was mixed by Adam Harney, Larry Crane, and Boone Howard at Jackpot! Recording Studio. The album was mastered by Chris Vita at Vita Mastering. Mike McInerney produced art for the album, which includes original photography from Collective-47 and the original show poster by Natalie Guidry. The Banana Stand would like to thank The We Shared Milk (Boone, Eric, and Travis), all who participated in this album’s creation and anyone that has helped us out along the way.

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