Badlands Moves Into Banana Stand

It's with great pleasure that we announce the partnering of Badlands PDX and the Banana Stand! For those who are unfamiliar, Badlands PDX was a studio and house venue in Northeast Portland very similar to what we were doing at the Banana Stand. The difference, however, was that audio engineer Tim Shrout focused on recording studio albums for bands here on the West Coast and for friends back East, more than recording and releasing live material. Tim was behind one of our all time favorite studio releases – the debut album from the now defunct Youth titled June. He also mixed one of the best albums to ever come out from our live series by Fanno Creek, and has begun to work on a full-length album with another of our favorite bands, Towering Trees.

Tim has been coming in to help with our live shows, along with the talented Adam Harney, and asked if he might start moving his gear into our space to take advantage of our mixing area and large, acousticly-treated basement, where many of you have come to see some of Portland's best bands. Of course, we immediately said, “Yes!”

We're excited to start welcoming in more bands for studio work as we being to limit our live shows for 2013. It's great to see the Banana Stand go from an unfinished, dirty basement to a comfortable recording space, where we'll continue to host big, secret shows for Portland's top bands, but also expand our recent run of more casual afternoon events and increase our ability to help young artists release their first EP or full-length effort.

Tim's education in audio engineering certainly exceeds the knowledge that we had at the Banana Stand previously, and, combined with his wide range of recording equipment, we're confident that the Banana Stand can be that middle ground for emerging bands to record and release work that will put them on the map towards greater recognition, critical acclaim, and prepare them to someday record in some of the legendary studios around town, like Jackpot! Recording Studio, Flora Recording & Playback, Toadhouse Recording Studios, Revolver Studios, or any of the other powerhouses in Portland. 

If you're interested in scheduling recording time with Badlands PDX engineer Tim Shrout at the Banana Stand, please contact us for information regarding our reasonable rates and dates available.