Live Record: Tango Alpha Tango

Tango Alpha Tango – Live from the Banana Stand is now available! If you like it, please download it! If you love it, please donate on Bandcamp! All profits support bands, post production staff, and Banana Stand.


Tango Alpha Tango produces a sound as American as the flag on frontman Nathan Trueb’s amp. Composed of Trueb’s extended family — Tango Alpha Tango includes wife Mirabai on bass and brother Aaron on keyboards and harmonica, in addition to the excellent Walker Beckman on drums (at the time of this recording) — the band flawlessly executes blues-inspired rock appropriate for stages anywhere in the country and fans of any age. But it was the incredible live musicianship witnessed during a performance at White Eagle had us all looking forward to Tango’s secret performance at Banana Stand in September 2011.



Our expectations were wildly exceeded. Tango Alpha Tango’s performance rocked our sweltering basement for nearly an hour and a half and left all present dazed, awed, and sweaty. Following Chris Vita’s precision mixing and mastering work, that performance has become an epic live album that we are proud to make available for pay-what-you-want. Download it today! We can’t guarantee that you’ll love it, but you probably will. If you do like the album, please consider sending a few dollars our way. All proceeds go to artists, mixers, and to support Banana Stand’s continued activities. -L


Tango Alpha Tango – Live from the Banana Stand was recorded before a live audience on September 24th, 2011 at the Banana Stand in Portland, Oregon. The album was mixed and mastered by Chris Vita. Brian David Smith produced art for the album, which includes original photography from Evan R. Thompson and the original show poster, also by Brian. The Banana Stand would like to thank Tango Alpha Tango (Nathan, Mirabai, Aaron and Walker), all who participated in this album’s creation and anyone that has helped us out along the way.


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