Roid Rage Against the Weight Machine

We’ve been treated to a couple visits from the Chicago-based Prizzy Prizzy Please since we moved out west from Indiana.


The first produced one of our favorite releases from the ‘Stand’s early history, the Nicholas Taplin mixed Prizzy Prizzy Please – Live from the Banana Stand, available in our online store for just $0 (and, seriously, worth your time). We were unfortunately unable to put on a show for Prizzy during their second trip West, when they were touring with Spokesmen, an excellent but now-defunct trio out of Carbondale, IL. The band needed money to support their tour, and we were, as always, unable to pay them any.


We did house 3/4 of the band during their time in Portland, though. Late night drinking and the availability of the ‘Stand’s recording gear led Mark and Scottie to hatch a plan: in one day, produce a butt-rock concept record. Thus was born Roid Rage Against the Weight Machine, which we present to you here as as a special free download. We hope you enjoy it. If you dig the tracks, check out more Prizzy from Joyful Noise Recordings.


Roid Rage Against The Weight Machine was recorded at the Banana Stand in Portland, Oregon. The album was mixed and mastered by the band. Brian David Smith handled design and layout for album art The Banana Stand would like to thank Roid Rage Against The Weight Machine (Mark, Scottie, Ted and Bob), all who participated in this album’s creation and anyone that has helped us out along the way.


Find more from Roid Rage Against The Weight Machine (as their alter egos Prizzy Prizzy Please) from Joyful Noise Recordings and on Facebook.