Good Band Is Good – Episode 1 – Maggie Morris

Hello. Welcome to Good Band Is Good, a podcast about music happening in Portland, Oregon. In this, the inaugural episode of Good Band Is Good, we talk to Maggie Morris about summertime and her new band Genders. This week’s episode of Good Band Is Good features the following songs:


End is End by Fanno Creek

Show Me by Genders

Begin Again by Paper Brain

Dutch by Still Caves

Atlas Moth by Soft Motion (Maggie Morris solo project)


Thanks to all bands for letting us use their tracks in this episode.


Our picks this week are:

  • End is End by Fanno Creek
  • Orca Team, Still Caves, and Surf’s Drugs at Valentines on Tuesday, July 31st
  • Genders, 1939 Ensemble, and Scout Niblett at Mississippi Studios on Thursday, August 2nd


Thanks for listening! We’ll be back with another episode soon.

– Ryan, Louie, and Aaron