Live Record: Yeah Great Fine

Yeah Great Fine – Live from the Banana Stand — now available for pay-what-you-want! Grab it up! -L


Yeah Great Fine, a high-energy five piece from here in Portland, describes their genre as Party Math. I hadn’t heard of that genre. It’s a pretty good one, though.


Yeah Great Fine came to the ‘Stand late in our second year, in September 2009. It was a return from a 3-month hiatus for us. As has often been the case when I try to write-up our early shows, the specifics of that evening escape me. Busy-ness may have been to blame. Both Yeah Great Fine and Duck, Little Brother, Duck! were somewhat challenging for our early recording setup, which had only 8 xlr channels (though we may have had the benefit of Chris Anderson’s rack mount interface for this show). Listening back now, though — what a great way to re-open the ‘Stand.



Yeah Great Fine makes me feel like summertime. At times — and I’ll screw up the genre here — but there feels to be a calypso/island influence. Jazz, certainly. Or, maybe it’s just me. Whatever the case, I love it. Even though I can’t remember the specifics of the September 9th, 2009 show, when I listen to these tracks, I know it was a good night. Yeah Great Fine has a lot of the things I love, though — multiple vocals, synth sounds that tickle my brain in exactly the right way, and a driving live energy. The show could have been a mess for all I know (and probably was), but, when I listen to tracks like Spazz Jazz, it makes me certain that everything came out alright.


Originally released May 24th, 2010, Yeah Great Fine – Live from the Banana Stand was just the 5th live album that we released. We really have to thank Yeah Great Fine for this. Now that we’ve put out a few releases (with tons more on the way!), it’s a lot easier for bands to trust in what we’re doing. In those earlier days, Yeah Great Fine were taking a flyer on us. I think it was a well-rewarded flyer — the album sounds terrific, Vic Lund did terrific work — but it was a flyer nonetheless. In fact, if I remember correctly, that September evening was the first time we signed contracts with anyone. Anyway, Yeah Great Fine, thanks again guys.


Now, a little over a year since its initial release, we’re proud to make Yeah Great Fine – Live from the Banana Stand available for pay-what-you-want purchase. Please check it out and download it. It will make perfect music for the summertime, we promise.


– Louie



Yeah Great Fine came into the Portland music scene quickly by having experienced musicians previously in The Newsapers as well as Jared Mees & The Grown Children. The band’s sound is best categorized as expiremental-pop, but the intricate melodies border on math-rock. Recorded on September 5th, 2009, Yeah Great Fine was a relatively new group when they came to The Banana Stand. The band recorded a live set with us so soon into their career that this album actually preceeded their studio debut.


Songs like You Lack Discipline and Manifest Destiny’s Child highlight the group’s intrumental abilities and complex timing, making up the majority of the album. However, the live set is anchored by a pair of more traditional pop songs that hint at the group’s future success. Recorded on September 5th, 2009 along with Duck, Little Brother, Duck!, the live songs were mixed by Vic Lund with original art by Tony Ong. A solid release from start to finish all, Yeah Great Fine remains one of the best examples of the kind of quality Banana Stand Media executed during that time in our history.




Yeah Great Fine – Live from the Banana Stand was recorded in front of a live audience on September 9th, 2009 at the Banana Stand in Portland, Oregon. The album was mixed and mastered by Vic Lund. Tony Ong provided the design and layout for album art for the release. The Banana Stand would like to thank Yeah Great Fine (Jake, Dave, Brian, Andrew and Dorian) and all who participated in this album’s creation and anyone that has helped us out along the way.


Find more from Yeah Great Fine at and on Bandcamp, Facebook and MySpace.