Video: Spookies – “Sears”

The Spookies’ wardrobe manages to make their double edged-guitar attack even cooler in “Sears.”


This track is bright rock and how long do effects of viagra last roll from start to finish. What starts off in an easy groove melts into some fiery energy with the order viagra canada raspy howls of Mayhaw Hoons and some vibrantly harmonizing guitar riffs. Fair warning: This song might get stuck in your head after watching this video.


– Austen


Recorded before a live audience February 22nd, 2014 at Banana Stand in Portland, OR. Featuring Spookies. Camera operators: Michael McInerney, Tyler Bertram, Robbin Goss and Nick Gattman. Edited by Mike McInerney. Audio recorded by Adam Harney, mixed by Alex Arrowsmith, and mastered by Chris Vita. Produced by Banana Stand.