Live Record: Spookies

Spookies – Live from Banana Stand is available on Tuesday, October 21st!


We’ve been fans of Spookies ever since we heard they were a band. How could we not? Comprised of buy online pharmacy viagra former members of the effects of alcohol on viagra celebrated band The Shaky Hands, Spookies are almost too good to be true. The band’s short-hooks and buy female viagra crisp delivery soar even when grounded in well-produced, lo-fi sounds. Spookies’ youthful energy perfectly distilled by seasoned artists is no studio magic, as proven in their sharp delivery on female viagra ca buy the album. Alex Arrowsmith, a long-time friend of the Banana Stand, pulled double-duty on this album – performing in the band as a rippin’ guitarist and serving as mixing engineer. What a pro!


Spookies have been buds for a while too, even performing for one of our Vol. 2 release events at Floating World Comics. We’ve been eager to record them and have played their split 7” with The Woolen Men more times than one can count. So, when they asked if they could play our space as an informal type of Halloween party in February to beat away the raining slogged winter, we of course said yes and broke out the costumes. We hope you enjoy this album as much as we do, it’s a perfect slice of pure Portland pop.


Listen to more Spookies on Bandcamp.


Spookies – Live from the Banana Stand was recorded by Adam Harney, mixed by Alex Arrowsmith, and mastered by Chris Vita. Dane Brist produced art for the record, which includes original photography by Michael McInerney.