Video: Fanno Creek – “Body, Brain”

With some slow rolling guitar and sighing vocals, Fanno Creek’s chilled-out finisher lulled the audience at PALS Clubhouse into a dreamlike state.


As the band erupted into Shouting lyrics for the final verse, a piercing trumpet solo faded the song out. It was a beautiful number from a beautiful night, check it out!


– Austen


“Body, Brain” was performed by Fanno Creek and recorded before a live audience September 19th, 2015 at PALS Clubhouse in Portland, Oregon. The video features footage from camera operators Michael McInerney, Darren Hartman, Tyler Bertram, Guy Wagner, Sam Smith and Brian T. Baker, and was directed and edited by Michael McInerney. Audio for this video was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Alex Arrowsmith.


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