Live From PALS Clubhouse

Live from PALS Clubhouse features performances from Sama Dams, And And And, and Fanno Creek, and is currently available as a download from our online store.


Ages ago, someone stole more than $500 from a bedroom during one of our shows. Soon after, we heard from some folks who operated their own house venue down the street from us. They had some similar thefts at their own shows and offered to include us in a benefit they were holding to pay people back.


We’d never spoken to them before, but within hours of our first chat, they were already offering to include us in a fundraiser at their home. This was the first time we met the folks from PALS Clubhouse.


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Over the years, we watched PALS become an important showcase and meeting spot for a whole generation of important Portland indie bands. It’s also become my favorite place to see a show in Portland; There’s still nothing else like packing into PALS’ side yard to see a phenomenal band play on their outdoor stage.


And while PALS has the most comfortable environment and a regular lineup of excellent bands, PALS Clubhouse is ultimately special for their genuine kindness. Over and over again, we’ve seen PALS show the same kindness, warmth and generosity that we felt in first meeting them — not only to the folks putting on shows at their house, but to the artists playing the shows, to the fans who come out to see them, and to the greater community PALS has fostered over time.


PALS is undoubtedly one of the reasons Portland has such a tight-knit music scene. And it’s for all of these reasons that, in my experience, PALS Clubhouse is Portland’s greatest house venue.


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We’ve long wanted to document PALS Clubhouse for the same reason we document Portland’s bands: Their work regularly brings us immense joy. When we discussed recording a live record with them last year, they immediately offered to let us book a show at their place (more traditional PALS generosity). With And And And, Fanno Creek, and Sama Dams, we landed on three local favorites common to PALS and ourselves.


Thanks to the magic of PALS and wonderful performances from these bands, we were rewarded with an unforgettable end-of-summer show. And thanks to the hard work of our production staff, you can now experience this night in our live record and music videos. We hope they give you some idea of what PALS has meant to Portland’s music — and to us.




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Banana Stand dedicates this release to PALS Clubhouse, its staff, and its community.


Live from PALS Clubhouse was recorded before a live audience on September 19th, 2015 at the PALS Clubhouse in Portland, Oregon. The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Alex Arrowsmith. Dane Brist produced art for the album, which includes original photography Michael Reiersgaard. Videos of these performances feature footage from camera operators McInerney, Darren Hartman, Tyler Bertram, Guy Wagner, Sam Smith and Brian T. Baker, and were directed and edited by Michael McInerney. Banana Stand thanks PALS Clubhouse, And And And, Fanno Creek, Sama Dams, all who participated in this album’s creation, and anyone that has helped us out along the way.


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