Live Record: The Morals

The Morals – Live from the Banana Stand will be released on Tuesday, June 4th as part of a special double album release event along with Sam Humans at Bunk Bar. Until then, please enjoy the preview track, “When My Station Is Called.”


At this point in the history of music, the acoustic guitar weilding singer-songwriter trope isn’t all that appealing. The stark elements of two voices and six strings wouldn’t have normally appealed to us, but there’s something special about The Morals. Unlike the annoying college kid desperately trying to make you believe in his vision, the duo presents earnest songs without pretention. Full of heart and a bit of humor, we hope these songs touch you in an emotional the way they did, and the way great art does to everyone.


The Morals – Live from the Banana Stand was recorded before a live audience on August 25, 2012 at the Banana Stand in Portland, Oregon. The album was mixed and mastered by Alex Arrowsmith. Dane Brist designed the album, and Mike McInerney produced images for the album, which includes original photography from Collective-47 Productions. The Banana Stand would like to thank The Morals (Casey & Ben), all who participated in this album’s creation, and anyone that has helped us out along the way.


To find out more about The Morals, please visit their website