Live Record – Alialujah Choir

Alialujah Choir – Live from the Banana Stand is available from our online store and all finer digital retailers.


Beginning with the opening guitar strum of “Bones Cracking In,”  Alialujah Choir pours a hefty helping of heart and soul into every instant of this live record.


From personal moments that illuminate a single singer or instrumentalist, to times when the whole ensemble is thundering along like a barreling train on the countryside, this six piece acoustic outfit commands the listeners’ complete attention with its emotional power and musical precision.

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It’s hard to believe the band can reproduce the ornately recorded songs from their studio albums with such grace. Nearly every song performance on this live recording brings multi-part harmonies with a mountainous range of vocals, supported by sweeping instrumental progressions that all shine through in sharp clarity.


Listening from beginning to end also demonstrates Alialujah Choir’s songwriting diversity. In softer moments like “Tell Me,” you can hear the each note of each stringed instrument perfectly, without bogging down the song’s touching lyrics, while songs like the lively finisher, “Building a Nation,” send the band gliding along into a high energy coast.




So a fair warning: If you start listening to this record right now, you’re probably won’t put it down till you reach the end!


– Austen


Alialujah Choir – Live From the Banana Stand was recorded & mixed by Tim Shrout and mastered by Chris Vita. Dane Brist produced art for the record.