Interview: The Blast Majesty

This Saturday, May 25th, The Banana Stand will welcome The Blast Majesty to record live at our secret space. We're pumped. We caught a bit of the band live at Mississippi Studios a few weeks back, and their dirty, psychedelic surf rock sounds are perfect for our first party of the summertime. The event will also feature The Polyps (Raf from The Woolen Men + others) and Talkative (Eugene). You should be here. It's going to be rad. RSVP on Facebook.

To get you ready for the show, Chad Majesty was kind enough to tell us a bit about the band, their influences, and favorite live work.
Banana Stand: How long has the band been together in its current form? How did it come together?

Chad Majesty: Hi, I'm Chad Majesty and my associate on drums is Dallas Blast.  We've been playing together for 5 years and we're the only two constant members of the group.  We've been friends since elementary school and we got together when we were 20 and started ripping.
Banana Stand: How would you describe your sound? What are your key influences?

Chad Majesty: Our sound is always changing and it's hard to a put a finger on.  We've channeled surf, lo-fi, garage rock, artcore, folk, and noise rock among many others.  The one thing that's constant with our sound is the energy and it's loud, big, and dirty.  Our key influences are our friends in other groups and Times New Viking, Phil Spector,  Eat Skull, T. Rex, Pixies, Nirvana, Dinosaur Jr., Misfits, Link Wray, Jesus and Mary Chain, Galaxie 500, early Flaming Lips, Woods, and whatever else catches our ear.  We're pretty easy about what we like because there's so much good stuff out there.
Banana Stand: Tell us your thoughts about recording live. What makes you interested in recording live?


Chad Majesty: What makes us interested in recording live is that someone asked us to come.  Where our ripping is wanted we go, it's easy.
Banana Stand: What are your favorite live albums?


Chad Majesty: I've never found myself drawn to live albums but I have always been fond of live shows in video format.  My favorites are probably the Butthole Surfers: Blind Eye Sees All- Live In Detroit 1985, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs live at the Troubador, Elvis Christmas Special, and I really love this bootleg DVD that I've come across out at this weird record store in Springfield, OR that is Nirvana live in Rio.  It's professionally shot with like 20 cameras, it looks like a festival crowd, and features kurdt Cobain spitting into these massive cameras and exposing himself to them while playing all of my favorite songs.
Banana Stand: What other projects are you working on?


Chad Majesty: I, Chad Majesty, have no other projects but dallas is in a surf-a-billy group called The Duke with our buddy Kent.  It's that real deal dope money sound.
Banana Stand: What are you working on lately?


Chad Majesty: Lately, we are finishing an album, it'll be the follow up to 2009's Summertime Bummertime and we are writing a lot of new songs that are taking the band in a whole new heavier noisier direction that is looking to be some of the best and most ripping songs we've ever given birth to.
Big thanks to Chad Majesty from The Blast Majesty for participating in our interview. The Blast Majesty is Chad Majesty and Dallas Helt. They'll be recording live at the Banana Stand on Saturday, May 28th with The Polyps and Talkative. You should totally be here: RSVP on Facebook.
Check out more of The Blast Majesty on Facebook and MySpace.