Interview: Talkative

Saturday, May 28th (tonight!) The Banana Stand starts off the summer strong with a great show you should totally be at: Talkative, The Blast Majesty and The Polyps, recording before a live audience. You should be here. It will be rad. RSVP on Facebook.

We're super pumped to host Eugene's Talkative as part of our May 28th event. If you haven't yet, check out their “Strange Luxuries” album. It's free on Bandcamp, and really good.
To get you ready for tonight's show, Talkative's Cason and Cody answered our questions about their band's history, influences, and thoughts on live recording.
Banana Stand: How long has the band been together in its current form? How did it come together?
Cody Berger and Cason Taft: Talkative has been together for about two months in its current form. Cason and Cody had been working on various material for a year. One day they decided to play guitars and bummed several cigarettes from Ali. He tagged along, projecting for a minute, and the next minute, he joined.
BS: How would you describe your sound? What are your key influences?
CB & CT: Healthy Leftover '90's Energy through equipment that's older than us.
Besides a never ending and constantly evolving list of artists, key influences (i.e. inspiration) include  a lot of fun things like partying or sitting around but also a lot of normal things like rhythm, darkness when you're walking home and loops that we make often but usually never end up in our music.
BS: Tell us your thoughts about recording live. What makes you interested in recording live?
CB & CT: Live sets are more organic than fixed media.Talkative approaches their music with live performance in mind. It's the rhythm and malleability of playing together that keeps the spirit alive.
BS: What's your favorite memory of a live show? Least favorite?
CB & CT: In the days of Trufflehunter, we toured across the states. One night in Pennsylvania we had a gig at Bryn Mawr College. You could smoke in the coffee shop-basement on campus where the show was and it somehow filled up with about 200 girls.  Best dance party of my life.  Getting our kick drum pissed in is one of my less fond memories. 
BS: What are your favorite live albums?
CB & CT: Hollindagain. Sonics. American Primitive.
BS: What other projects are you all involved with?
CB & CT: Bro Seph and his Technically Leather Jacket. Secret Society of GiraffesDown Kaleidoscope. Earthquake Generator. Cockhorse Factory Brotherhood Unltd.
BS: What are you working on lately?
CB & CT: 'Light Years' will be the second studio release by Talkative (June 10).  There's also a short film in the works to accompany the record as well as some very limited artwork by Aaron Sullivan:
Big thanks to Cody Berger and Cason Taft from Talkative for participating in our interview. Talkative is Cody, Cason and Ali Muhareb. They'll be recording live at the Banana Stand on Saturday, May 28th with The Blast Majesty and The Polyps. You should totally be here: RSVP on Facebook.
Check out more of Talkative on Bandcamp and Facebook.