Interview: Sam Humans

Our next live release is the stellar Modernstate – Live from the Banana Stand, which comes out June 28th. We're really thrilled about the album. Sam Schauer was a staple of Portland music long before we arrived in town, and continues to be to this day as Sam Humans and the Light and as a part of the excellent-though-short-lived O Bruxo.

To prepare for the release, Sam dropped us an email to let you know what's been going on in the two years(!) since this album was recorded.

“My son was born on Feb 2 2009, shorty after which I retired the Modernstate moniker for good. Things were fresh and new all over, figured I would keep the ball rolling in that direction. Since then I spent most of my time focusing on the currently dormant O Bruxo and learning how to be a father. I also found time to tinker with electronics, and have been building oscillators/noise makers/weird music machines. Currently playing/recording as Sam Humans & the Light, which includes David Fimbres (O Bruxo, papper/upper/cuts) on drums/vocals and longtime band mate Matt Genz (…worms, Dutchflat) on bass. We have a few shows coming up:

  • Sat July 16th @ N Pix Bastille Day Block Party. 3pm, outdoors, all ages, free.
  • Sat Aug 13th @ The Woods w/ papper/upper/cuts and Silian Rail
  • Aug 18-20 @ Total Fest 10, Missoula MT”


Sam also asks that you check out SAMHUMANS.BLOGSPOT.COM. You can also find more from him on Bandcamp. Don't miss our live release from him, which comes out June 28th. It's super rad, and pay-what-you-want.


Sam Schauer performing as part of O Bruxo at the PDX Pop Now! show at Holocene, June 2nd, 2011