Blog: Yes, We Relaunched

It was somewhat lost in the shuffle around the recent Blue Skies for Black Hearts and Soft Paws releases (which you should go check out now if you haven't already), but, yes, we have finally relaunched our website. Huzzah!

Our web relaunch begins to bring to a close many months of efforting, primarily by our web designer Evan R. Thompson.

Won't you trust this man with your website?

Big thanks are also owed to Aaron Colter and Corrie Minor for their work on the new site.

Evan did extremely good work on the site. We think you'll agree that it's much, much better than the previous. In addition to the vast improvements to our Music section and related content, the redesign greatly streamlines our publishing process, which will allow us to post more content more often. Things on the site are still being cinched up and added-to as well, so be sure to check back in the coming weeks. There's sure to always be something new.

Our new website isn't the only thing we're pumped about, though. It's one of several things that have come together as a result of recent efforts that could all fall under the heading “we take this totally seriously and are working really hard at it.” In addition to the new website:

* We've got album and poster are pouring in from the 'Stand's art director (and newest addition to our house) Brian David Smith. You're going to be seeing it all soon, but in the meantime, be assured that it's awesome. Brian also has great ideas for improvements that you can look forward to seeing.

* Our mixers have been going nuts lately. We have a ton of new releases on the way from both Alex Arrowsmith and Vic Lund, and hopefully from Chris Vita (a mastering engineer recently relocated to Portland) as well. Coming soon: rad albums from The We Shared Milk, Tiger House, The Hague and too many other bands to list. Thanks a ton, all of you dudes, for your work.

* We have totally revised our basement space. Improvements include a better stage position, live monitors for the bands, out-board compression and reverb and vastly improved lighting and power availability. Further, the space available for the audience has been increased substantially. These improvements continue our efforts to create as comfortable and professional a recording environment as possible. Additionally, we're hoping they'll open up greater possibilities for video and photography at the 'Stand. Huge thanks to everyone who helped with basement revision: Evan, Aaron, Brian, Shawn Pike, Chris Anderson and Jake Schmitt.

* For the first time in more than two years, we're recording without an audience. Earlier this week, we welcomed in The Woolen Men for the first of several live-style studio sessions. We're pumped. The Woolen Men are a great band and have already been a lot of fun to work with. We'll share videos and photos as we continue to work with the band.



Video from The Woolen Men's June 12th session

* We've got unbelievable shows scheduled for the summer and fall, including sets from Death Songs, Tango Alpha Tango, Jack Ruby Presents and The Golden Hours. You should definitely be out for them. Please RSVP for them on Facebook.

It's been a big year for the 'Stand already, but we're not nearly done yet. Check back to our website and Facebook page often to check out what's new. Thanks again to everyone that's been working on or supporting the 'Stand over the last many months!