Good Band Is Good – Episode 3 – Boone Howard

Hi. This is Good Band Is Good, a podcast about music in Portland, Oregon.


In this episode of Good Band Is Good, we talk to Boone Howard about touring, being a working band, and the new album from The We Shared Milk.


This week’s episode of Good Band Is Good features the following songs:


I Provide The Bastard and You Provide The Beer by Baumgartner/Keene:


Index by Hustle and Drone:


This episode also features, for the first time anywhere, Moonlit and Conversation Killer from The We Shared Milk’s forthcoming album The History of Voyager & Legend Tripping.


Thanks to all the bands for letting us use their tracks in this episode.


Announcement: We now have an actual podcast. You can download new episodes as soon as they air by copying this link — PODCAST! — and subscribing in iTunes. It’s under the “Advanced” drop-down. It should be indexed in iTunes soon, so look for it there as well.


Thanks for listening! We’ll be back with a new episode soon.
– Louie, Aaron, and Ryan