Live Record: Gaytheist

We’re fucking thrilled to relase Gaytheist – Live from the Banana Stand on Tuesday May 6th, 2014 at Mississippi Studios as part of our quartlerly curated Red Bull Sound Select series, featuring Russian Circles & Witch Mountain! RSVP for the show today to get in for just $3 — free copies of the album will be given away to attendees while supplies last! The band will also be playing a free, all-ages show inside Music Millennium on Sunday May 4th. Until then, enjoy the preview track “I Quit.”



For anyone who wasn’t there: It was one of our annual Halloween events, which tend to be a little more riotous. Past incarnations of these shows been Minden, Explode Into Colors, Slutty Hearts, No Kind of Rider, and dressing up like the cast of Arrested Development. (We are legally obligated to make the distinction between ourselves and somewhat popular Fox Television sitcom than ran from 2003 until 2006.)


The band dressed up like priests with Jason as The Pope. There were nuns in the audience along with a ton of other fun costumes, like gender-swapped Scoobies (no, not the Buffy kind, nerds!). The crowd was having a ton of fun and you can hear them yelling out to the band during the album, along with the band’s banter back. At one point I think you hear Jason let out a gasp as he was flashed some lady bits. The band played a bunch of songs, but not all of them made it into the album. What was kept are 100% single take live tracks from songs off each of the band’s four studio albums — Pentagrams Are Super! (“Regrets Regrets,” “Ock of Ages”), Rainbows Have Nothing To Hide (“I Quit!,” “Old Ways”),  STEALTH BEATS (“I Procrastinate and I Vote,” “Can’t Go To Mecca”), and Hold Me…But Not So Tight (“60 Easy Payments,” “Spread ‘Em”)


The album is the raw, honest sound of Gaytheist that we all rocked out to that night. We did post-production with Larry Crane at the famed Jackpot! Recording Studios in Portland, OR, which is always a great time and helped smooth over what was a terrificly loud recording.


We hope you’ll enjoy this record as much as we do! (And if you don’t trust us, read what Willamette Week, The Stranger, and VICE have to say about the band.)






Gaytheist – Live from the Banana Stand was recorded before a live audience on October 26th, 2013 at the Banana Stand in Portland, Oregon. The album was recorded by Adam Harney, mixed by Larry Crane and Tim Shrout at Jackpot! Recording Studio, and mastered by Chris Vita. Dane Brist produced art for the album, which includes original photography Michael McInerney. The Banana Stand would like to thank Gaytheist (Jason Rivera, Tim Hoff, Nickolis Parks), Nik Christofferson, Larry Crane, Holly Halford, James Rexroad, Darren Higgins, Invisible Hour & Whitey McConnaughy, and all who participated in this album’s creation and anyone that has helped us out along the way. Gaytheist appears courtesy of Good To Die Records.


Find more from Gaytheist on Facebook & Twitter. And watch their video “Stomach Pains” featuring comedian Ian Karmel!