Live Record: And And And

And And And – Live from the Banana Stand was released on Tuesday, May 21st at Bunk Bar with support from Sama Dams


We’ve wanted to record And And And for a long time. Back before the group was named Willamette Week’s Best New Band of 2011, before Tyler Keene left the group to start Log Across the Washer, and back before all those annoying condos started going up on Division Street. Years of anticipation paid off, and it’s fitting that this record marks the first physical release of our new partnership with CD Baby. With a design by Dane Brist of Fanno Creek, the new packaging looks great. And thanks to Post-Consumer wizard Nicholas Taplin, the tracks swell with all the passion of And And And’s intense poetry.



Perhaps all these words are colored by our own self-congratulating praise. We think the record marks a new high point in our efforts here in Portland. Now into 2013, the last couple of years have been a terrific path towards recording and releasing more and more excellent content. So, instead of reading what we think, here’s what And And And frontman Nathan had to say:


“People might like us because we are everyday misfits who happen to have a pretty interesting band. We don’t have a ‘look’ and we don’t have a ‘sound’. Well, I guess we do look like a mashup of punky, grungy typical Oregon Coast dudes (I still live part time in Ryan’s, Jon’s, and my out of the way hometown of Reedsport.) And in a general sense, we sound like a modern rock and roll band with guitars and drums and stuff. We try to convey a focused intensity and honest emotion when we play, not finesse and presentation.


Our songs often churn ahead on three or four chords or sometimes have complex orchestrations with several melodies intertwining at once. Our performances are never perfect. We just thrash around on our guitars (and occasional trumpet, clarinet, or cello) making a wall of unhinged noise as I shout out my dissatisfaction until my voice is hoarse. There are moments of elegance, but they are typically interrupted by cascading waves of guitar or sing-along anthems. Our music is equally informed by genres ranging from punk to brit-pop and progressive rock to 90’s grunge/alternative.


Sometimes we miss a few notes, but that’s not a problem. That means we are not robots. I even flat-out stop a song on [this] recording because I totally lost my place (recording live is so nerve-wracking!). Several of the songs on the album are brand new, unrecorded songs that we were battle testing. When we write new songs, we put them into immediate live rotation in order for them to take their ultimate shape. These new songs will be on our next album, but you can hear them here first.”


Thanks to our partners at Collective-47 Productions, we’re proud to release the fist video for the new album. Titled, “Bow Down,” the brand new track kicks off the set and sets the tone for the powerful performance:



And And And will going on a West Coast Tour in support of this album. If you live in Washington, Oregon, or California – go see them:

May 16th @ Chop Suey in Seattle, WA *
May 17th @ The Northern in Olympia, WA *
May 18th @ Dwell Hole in Tacoma, WA *
May 19th @ The Shakedown in Bellingham, WA
May 21th @ Bunk Bar in Portland, OR
May 30th @ Luckey’s in Eugene, OR *
May 31st @ Sophia’s Thai Kitchen in Davis, CA *
June 1st @ Bows and Arrows in Sacramento, CA *
June 2nd @ Winters Tavern in Pacifica, CA *
June 3rd @ The Crepe Place in Santa Cruz, CA *
June 4th @ Soda Bar in San Diego, CA *
June 5th @ Muddy Waters in Santa Barbara, CA *
June 6th @ Nightlight in Oakland, CA *

* w/ Sun Angle


And And And – Live from the Banana Stand was recorded before a live audience on December 14th, 2012 at the Banana Stand in Portland, Oregon. The album was engineered by Chris Andersen and Tim Shrout, and was mix and mastered by Nicholas Taplin of Post-Consumer in Oakland, California. Dane Brist designed the album, and Mike McInerney produced images for the album, which includes original photography from Collective-47. The Banana Stand would like to thank And And And (Nathan, Bim, Ryan, Jonathan, and Berg), Ingrid Renan of Exploding Green, all who participated in this album’s creation, and anyone that has helped us out along the way.


Find more about And And And on the band’s website.