Live Record: Alameda

Alameda – Live from the Banana Stand will be released in physical form on Thursday, June 5th at Mississippi Studios. Please enjoy the preview track “A Violence,” available in advance of the June 10th digital release.


Alameda is one of our favorite acts in Portland’s folk scene, and the group’s live record and videos demonstrate why. They just seem so natural. Two of our favorite qualities are authenticity and sincerity, and you can’t help feel that when you listen or view.




Alameda are excellent performers as well, which makes us like them all the more. Despite threats of flooding and power outages, Alameda delivered a phenomenal performance, and did so like it wasn’t any big deal. Maybe to them it wasn’t it, but we are incredibly pleased with the results. Subtle, complex, and intimate, Alameda – Live from the Banana Stand is a record we’re proud to add to our catalog, and one we hope you’ll love adding to your collection as well.




Alameda – Live from the Banana Stand was recorded before a live audience on September 28th, 2013 at the Banana Stand in Portland, Oregon. The album was recorded by Tim Shrout and Michael Finn, mixed by Tim Shrout, and mastered by Chris Vita. Dane Brist produced art for the album, which includes original photography Michael McInerney. Videos of Alameda’s performance at Banana Stand feature footage from camera operators Darren Hartman, Michael McInerney, Tyler Bertram, and Nick Gattman, and were directed and edited by Michael McInerney. Banana Stand would like to thank Alameda (Stirling, Jessie, Barra, and Tim), all who participated in this album’s creation and anyone that has helped us out along the way.


Find more from Alameda on Bandcamp and Facebook.