How We Distribute

Banana Stand seeks to create excellent live records for deserving artists. With their approval, Banana Stand will distribute live records of sufficient quality and length as digital downloads and, often, as CDs.


Thanks to our distribution partners CD Baby, Banana Stand is now able to publish our live records to all major online retailers, including iTunes, Amazon MP3, and Spotify. CD Baby also sponsors production of short-runs of CDs in Eco-Wallet packaging, download cards, and other promotional materials. In addition to distribution through CD Baby, Banana Stand also makes its live records available for pay-what-you-want via Bandcamp. Banana Stand further distributes one track from each of its live record as part of a promotional/fundraising compilation CD/download. Finally, live recordings from Banana Stand may be included in live music videos distributed for free on Vimeo and YouTube.


Banana Stand’s traditional profit split on its live records is 40% to Artist, 40% to Banana Stand, and 20% to the post-production staff. Banana Stand recoups our expenses prior to distributing any profits.

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