Video: The Grizzled Mighty – “Chantael” – Live from Bunk Bar

“Chantael” is one of those songs that you can’t help but bang your head along with, even while it kicks you in the face. The guitar tones are deliciously crunchy and the drum beat is driving.


We’re more than happy to spread some more video love of The Grizzled Mighty – Live from Bunk Bar. The Grizzled Mighty features Ryan Granger on guitar and Lupe Flores on drums and is a must-listen for any fan of southern blues rock.


– Darren



“Chantael” was recorded before a live audience April 25th, 2015 at Bunk Bar in Portland, OR and features The Grizzled Mighty. The video features footage from camera operators Tyler Bertram, Nick Gattman, and Marie Sullivan and was directed and edited by Tyler Bertram. Audio for this video recorded by Tim Shrout, mixed by Matt Thomson, and mastered by Adam Harney.