VIDEO: Sun Blood Stories – “Beats For You I Do”

Sun Blood Stories, the brazen, psychedelic Boise trio, know to how to fill a room


The kick off track from their Banana Stand set, “Beats For You I Do,” shows Ben Kirby and Amber Pollard hitting rich, dreamy falsettos before the drums and reverb crash on through. The band wavers from delicate, inviting riffs, to warped sinister pinches from Pollard’s steel guitar. The band has this ability to manage the space and sense of a room with deceiving comfort as they nudge, unapologetically through sonic boundaries.


– Matt


“Beats For You I Do” was recorded before a live audience June 20th, 2014 at Banana Stand in Portland, OR. Featuring Sun Blood Stories. Camera operators: Michael McInerney, Nick Gattman, Tyler Bertram, and Alexei Shishkin. Edited by Mike McInerney. Audio recorded and mixed by Matt Thomson and mastered by Chris Vita. Produced by Banana Stand.