Video: Kithkin – “Wand”



with multiple bass lines, cavelike percussive samples, echoing guitar riffs and a chilly keyboard groove, “Wand” brings together enough moving parts to for listeners to feel like they’re in the forest of their favorite fantasy realm.


Kithkin’s intricate groove eventually snowballs into some rocking soloing to really launch the song to another level. Check it out!


– Austen


“Wand” was performed by Kithkin and recorded before a live audience May 22nd, 2015 at Banana Stand in Portland, Oregon. The video features footage from camera operators Tyler Bertram, Sam Smith, Mark Dilson, Lara Ingram, Quinton Anderson, and Guy Wagner, and was directed and edited by Tyler Bertram. Audio for this video was recorded and mixed by Matt Thomson and mastered by Chris Andersen.

Photos by Michael Reiersgaard

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