Unpeeled: Skulldiver – “Nightmare Castle”

Catch Skull Diver tomorrow (3/3) at Mississippi Studios w/ King Black Acid and Reptaliens! Grab tickets here.


Skull Diver incorporates a range of musical elements for their live shows, but for this Unpeeled performance, they manage to blow us away with just a piano and a microphone.


The duo begins “Nightmare Castle” softly, and as the song builds to the chorus, their volume and energy grow into a captivating crescendo. Mandy’s singing echoes through the pews and Ally’s piano playing grows heavier with each verse, drawing listeners in even more as the song goes on. Check it out!




“Nightmare Castle” was performed by Skull Diver and was recorded October 12th, 2016 in Portland, Oregon. The video was shot and edited by Darren Hartman. Audio for this video was recorded by Isaiah H. Brown.