Unpeeled: Skull Diver – “Body House”

Be sure to catch Skull Diver this Sunday, 5/28 for their album release show for their amazing sophomore album, “Chemical Tomb”! Grab tickets and find out more info here.


Skull Diver take a seat for this beautifully somber number. Mandy’s dark guitar riff banks this song As Ally’s echoing vocal melodies drive its story forward with increasingly powerful emotion. With each chorus, Mandy’s singing breaks into a touching but haunting croone, while Ally’s backing vocals help forge a mesmerizing atmosphere. Check it out!


– Austen


“Bad Star” was performed by Skull Diver and was recorded October 12th, 2016 in Portland, Oregon. The video was shot and edited by Darren Hartman. Audio for this video was recorded by Isaiah H. Brown.