Unpeeled: Indira Valey – “No Me Tengas Miedo No Me”

Catch Indira Valey and her Spirit House companions Forest Veil and Ali Buress 4/22 at: Earth Day Celebration: Love Letter to Gaia!


Indira Valey manages to create entrancing soundscapes with a mixture of vocal looping, effect manipulation, and meditative guitar progressions. This previously unreleased song in particular builds a darker hue, as Indira adds stoic chanting, simmering shakers and some creative guitar work.


This music project was truly unique to capture. Check it out!


– Austen


“No Me Tengas Miedo No Me” was performed by Indira Valey and was recorded January 13, 2017 in Portland Oregon. The video was shot and edited by Michael Reiersgaard and Audio for this video was recorded by Isaiah H. Brown.


Check out more music from Indira Valey here: https://indiravaley.bandcamp.com/