Thank You, Portland

As we lead up to our free release event on Sunday, June 10th at the Hawthorne Theatre, we've been blessed to get press coverage in several outlets in Portland that we've respected for years. It's pretty incredible to see so many people starting to fully embrace the idea of high-quality, live music from local artists.

This town has a long history of being a haven for creative people, but perhaps today more than ever before there is a great pool of musical geniuses making some of the best songs in the world.

Many articles mention Louie and I, noting that our work and cultivation of the scene has improved the appreciation of live talent. We truly hope so. But, it's also a lie.

Not that we don't work hard. We do. Every single day we are both spending time and effort to make the Banana Stand be the best that it can be. But, we certainly don't do it alone. In fact, we owe our success to so many that when we send a list of people we'd like to thank, it's pretty much impossible for reporters to include them at all, or any for that matter.

So, we'd like to take some time to thank the following people:

First, to our Indiana brothers Ross, Jott, and Shawn. We took this journey together and we're all the better for it. Shawn, you lovable bastard. You'll work a double shift in one of the city's most notorious bars and then come home to help us out with our bullshit. Thank you.

To Adam, you are the original trailblazer, the godfather. You showed us that hard work and perseverance can pay off. Thank you.

Evan. Where to start? Web design, hosting, photographs, videos, layout, general awesomeness. It's a pleasure to know you. You make us better. Thank you.

Brian, our Art Director, who has made sure we don't look foolish with terrible design. Thank you.

Tony. We miss you, brother. You're a light in an otherwise dark world, and so talented it boggles the mind. Thank you.

Chris, you're just cool as all hell, man. Smart as fuck too. It's amazing you even spend what little free time you have hanging out with us. Thank you.

Alex. Holy shit, dude. You're the reason we have an authentic live sound. You're a gentlemen and a scholar. Thank you.

Vic. You helped us when we were just an idea, for no reason other than you thought it was cool and fun. Thank you.

Nicholas, you taught us that compromise is death. We're still learning. Your respect on any project means the world to us. Thank you.

Pat, the troubadour of Portland music. We are so humbled to have your support and help. You changed the game for us. Thank you.

Chris, you polish the roughest of tracks so that we sound like professionals. You truly are one. Thank you.

Larry, you're a giant figure to us, and we're still a little scared to talk to you for fear of sounding like idiots. We promise not to fanboy-out on you. Too much, anyway. Thank you.

Jennifer, you're a delight and a show buddy for life. It's hard to find people more dedicated to music than you. Thank you.

Jake, you're one of the nicest people in the whole world. Congratulations to you and Destinee! We hope to see more of you all. Thank you.

Nick, we haven't kicked it in a while, buddy! WTF? Your professionalism is a beacon in the sea of Portland carelessness. Thank you.

Purple Palace crew. You know who you are. You've been like half of our audience or more for at least two years now. Thank you for showing up to everything we do, and supporting us day in and day out. Love you guys. Thank you.

PALS crew. You guys are the salt of the earth and our comrades in art. We will always be there for you. Thank you.

Eleven crew, you believed in us first. We'll never forget that. Remember those plans we made at Dots? That was less than a year ago! This town ain't seen nothin' yet. Let's blow shit up. Thank you.

Adam, you just started working with us, but you've already made our lives a thousand times easier in just a few weeks. We can't wait to look back at years worth of friendship. Thank you.

Tim, we're so happy you're helping us out, and your D.I.Y. spirit is the core of what we do. To many more adventures. Thank you.

Collective-47 crew, our Visual Partners. You guys moved here and immediately started to work. You might not have any idea how long we've waited to find partners like you, but we're so happy you're here now. Together, we are unstoppable. Thank you.

Jon, Travis & Bawbee, for the artwork, for the mural, for coming to Portland. Thank you.

Sara, for helping us put everything together. Thank you.

Bill, just for being you. Thank you.

Rose City crew, you are the solidest of dudes. We heard you're moving. That super sucks. Hope you'll come back someday. Thank you.

WWeek & Oregon Music News, we're glad you dig what we're trying to accomplish. Thank you.

To all the bands (Lonesome Radio Heart, Mythological Horses, Saucy Yoda, Hungry Mob, Alex Arrowsmith, Curious Hands, The Greater Midwest, Wooden Indian Burial Ground, Craig, Paul, and Ryan, The Grokkers, Please Step Out of the Vehicle, Nordic, Tranquilazer, Modernstate, Jippedo, Mannequinhead, Explode Into Colors, Dat'r, Dr. Something and the Poppin' Fresh Love Engines, Mr. Frederick, Curious Hands, Alex Arrowsmith, Wright and Rude, Magen Melancholy, Nordic, Dynast SMG, Ingredients the Band, Shelby Sifers, Project Eldridge, Branden Daniel, Holy Children, Prizzy Prizzy Please, The Shivas, The Un, Yeah Great Fine, Duck, Little Brother, Duck!, Bodhi, Padraic Finbar Hagerty Hammond, White Fang, Why I Must Be Careful, Asteroid M, Dr. Something and the Pipin' Hot Love Engines, Constantina, Deer or the Doe, Spy Island, The Nextdoor Neighbors, Destroy Nate Allen, The Ro Sham Bos, Soft Paws, Alex Arrowsmith & His Pugs, Ether Circus, The Big Ideas, Blue Skies for Black Hearts, Raised by TV, The Silent Numbers, The Heligoats, The Hague, What, Slutty Hearts, The Woolen Men, The Empty, Orca Team, A Million Years Ago, Vanimal, Titans of Industry, Tiger House, Bombs Into You, Towering Trees, The Shy Seasons, The Polyps, Talkative, The Blast Majesty, Death Songs, Jack Ruby Presents, Your Rival, Forest Park, The Golden Hours, Tango Alpha Tango, The Angry Orts, Sons of Huns, No Kind of Rider, Youth, Log Across the Washer, DoublePlusGood, Animal Eyes, The No Tomorrow Boys, Fanno Creek, The We Shared Milk, Grandparents, Sam Adams), but especially The We Shared Milk, Tiger House, and The Greater Midwest for playing each year and being so supportive. We couldn't do anything without musicians far more talented than we are agreeing to all this. We hope we do right by you all. Thank you.

Sorta Ultra, Half Way There, Your Rival, and Eidolons. We used the money you gave us from studio sessions to do this, hope that's okay. Thank you.

To all the Kickstarter funders — Aaron Robert Miller, Aaron Whitmore, Abigail from CA, Adam Harney, Adam Skibbe, Ajax, Alayna Herr, Aly Hoffman, Anonymous, anonymous, April Ng, Breanne rupp, Brenna, Brian David Smith, Caitlin McGuan, captain scrotes, Cheyenne Allott, Curt Arrowsmith, David Gerber, Eddie Charlton, Eli Johnston, erin fanshier, fruit4dinner, “Fuck you Louie, you fucking piece of shit. (Victoria Wong),” Gary W. Anderson, Ingmar Weltin, Jack Ruby Presents, Jacob Campbell, Jennifer Marcson, Jenny Li, Jesse Hughey, Joe Frazier, Joel Daly, Joel H Levitt, Kara Behan, King Emmet the 1st and last, Ky Fifer, Kyle “Special K” Knies, Lewis Winter, Liz Lewis, magen melancholy, Mark B., Mark Keller, mary ann reeves, Michael & Yina Gombos,, Nathan Trueb, Nick Detrich, Oisin F. O'Brien,, pixeldompteur, R. Hughes, Ryan Hill, Ryan Northrop, Scott Tridle, Stephen Sansom, Stuart Wainstock-Rose City Live, The Hague, The We Love Milk,, Tom Kishel, Travis “Dogleg” Leipzig, Trevor McPherson, Trisha Shozuya, Troy Howard, tyler keene, and Vanessa Hammer — Thank you so much!

To our amazing sponsors who are pretty much the only reason this event is even happening – Hawthorne Theatre, Stumptown Printers, CraveDog, Vita Mastering, Rather Severe, and the Portland Mercury. Thank you.

To anyone we forgot, sorry. We're not very good at remembering. For some reason. We still love you. Seriously, deeply, and in a way all human beings should. Thank you.

And to anyone reading this, thank you too. We hope to see everyone at the free release event on Sunday, June 10th at the Hawthorne Theatre.