Sound + Vision | Notel - "Blood Tangent" from Banana Stand Media on Vimeo.

Sound + Vision: Notel – “Blood Tangent”

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A brooding rhythm guitar beds a spacey lead melody as bass heavy drumming lays the foundation for this dark but immersive song. As keyboard effects float in to add even more atmosphere, the guitars allow more space for experimentation, eventually flying back with an even heavier melody than before. check it out!


– Austen


“Blood Tangent” was performed by Notel and was recorded before a live audience at Mississippi Studios on May 30th, 2017. Video of Notel’s performance was captured by Sam Smith, Michael Reiersgaard, and Brian T. Baker and was edited by Michael McInerney. Audio was recorded by Ben Stoller and mixed by Nalin Silva at Revolver Studios. Please visit for more neat things.