Someone Stole

EDIT: Holy whoa, thanks for all your kindness, everyone. It's been terrific seeing all the support on Facebook, thanks so much to everyone that posted. Thanks also to everyone that has donated. Sorry if you found our donation link to be broken, we suck. We have received enough donations to cover our loss from the theft (largely from an amazing single benefactor who we won't embarrass by naming, but who we are indebted to). If you still want to help out, please donate.  As we say below, all proceed still go to documenting live music! -L


At our last show on July 30th, $517 was stolen from a Banana Stander's room. Due to this and other events, we're enacting today policy changes that we'd been planning for next year:

  • Shows will now be secret. Facebook events will no be longer created, and the date and time of the recordings will not be publicly posted, nor will the address. Sorry. If you really love a band, we feel Portland's music scene is small enough that you will be able to speak with someone directly, including us, about attending.
  • Our door policy is going to be more strict. While we've always checked IDs, we will now search bags, and no longer allow hard alcohol into our shows. Attendance will be limited and people will be turned away. Sorry. If you really care about seeing a band record in our space, you will show up early and be respectful. We're no longer throwing house shows in the traditional sense.

We've reimbursed the stolen $517 out of funds we'd saved to buy new equipment to improve what we do. The theft of the $517 won't stop us from documenting music. However, we operate on a very limited budget, funded only by your donations and out of our own pockets. The theft of $517 is a setback both financially and psychically.

We want to state explicitly: this should not reflect negatively on either of the bands from our July 30th show, both of whom were really great to work with. We remain excited to release their performances in the coming months. Further, the bulk of the attendees of the show were quite nice. Unfortunately, a few assholes ruined things for the rest of folks.

If this bothers you as it bothers us — stand up for the musicians and places that host art, and try to foster a friendly community at shows. We try to maintain a secure environment, but the truth is that we need good people to help us. If you have any information about the theft on July 30th or would like to help us in any other way, please contact us at info [at] bananastandmedia [dot] com.

Further, if you like what we've been doing the last few years, please consider doing the following:

1. Please donate if you are able.

Any amount will help, and please feel free to download any or all of the dozen albums we have on our site. We have a lot of great things on the way, and this will help us reach our goals. All proceeds will go do documenting live music.


2. Please share a link to this post (or repost our posts) on Facebook, Twitter or whatever. The more attention we get, the better we'll be able to improve our activities.

Please also continue to check back to this site, and come out to the shows you're able to. We will continue to record and release live performances and document live music in new and awesome ways. This isn't the final word on any of this. So, thanks for your support, and stay tuned.

Banana Stand Media