Compilation: Live from the Banana Stand Vol. 2

We’re so proud to be able to present Live from the Banana Stand Vol. 2, a compilation of some of the amazing bands we’ve been lucky enough to work with over the last several months. As with Live from the Banana Stand Vol. 1, we’ll be giving away 1,000 free copies of the compilation thanks to some incredible sponsors. For one week only, we’ll have limited-edition copies of the album at a series of shows around Portland. We hope to see you out as many of the events as possible! Also, if you order any Lonesome’s pizza from Sept. 1st – 8th, your pie comes with a free digital download!


Before revealing the full line-up of shows, we’d like to thank some local organizations who have made this release possible, including: CD Baby, Portland Mercury, Jackpot! Recording Studio, Sound Advice: Art & Entertainment Law, Vita Mastering, Eleven PDX, and Lonesome’s Pizza. We’d also like to thank Tender Loving Empire and Post-Consumer Records for all their support and guidance along the way. And huge thanks to all of the venues listed below who have offered up their time and space for the series of shows. Portland is truly a wonderful city.



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Sunday, Sept. 1st

Rontoms / 8pm – Au Dunes + Mothertapes; Free


Monday, Sept. 2nd

Dig A Pony / 8pm – Old Age; Free


Tuesday, Sept. 3rd

Holocene / 8pm – Speaker Minds + Fault Lines + Tiger House; Free


Wednesday, Sept. 4th

Hawthorne Theatre / 5pm – Wes Guy; Free


Thursday, Sept. 5th

Sohitek Gallery / 6pm – Fanno Creek + Art from Banana Stand (2007-2013); Free


Friday, Sept. 6th

Double Dragon / 4pm – Nathan Trueb (of Tango Alpha Tango) + Ryan Stively; Free


Saturday, Sept. 7th

Floating World Comics / 6pm – Spookies + Your Rival; Free


Valentine’s / 8pm – Animal Eyes + Eidolons + Bubble Cats; Free


Sunday, Sept 8th 

Mississippi Studios / 8pm – Billions and Billions + Palo Verde + Lunch; Free


Live from the Banana Stand Vol. 2 Track Listing

01 – The We Shared Milk – Little Tents
02 – Radiation City – Eye Of Yours
03 – And And And – Animals
04 – Grandparents – SloWave
05 – Minden – Monolith
06 – Speaker Minds – Spinnin’
07 – Sam Humans – Wee See Colors
08 – Fanno Creek – Victoria
09 – Old Age – The Rain Won’t Ever Come
10 – Curious Hands – Bull Form
11 – The No Tomorrow Boys – Animal Eyes
12 – Tiger House – New York Sleep
13 – The Greater Midwest – Busted Drywall
14 – The Morals – Open Secrets
15 – The Heligoats – Rubber Stopper
16 – Animal Eyes – Bend Your Knees
17 – No Kind of Rider – The Savage Coast
18 – Sama Dams – Patmos
19 – Tartufi – Dot Dash


Live from the Banana Stand Vol. 2 was mixed by Alex Arrowsmith, Mark Brachmann, Larry Crane, Adam Harney, Tyler Keene, Tim Shrout, Nicholas Taplin, and Chris Vita. The album was mastered by Chris Vita, Nicholas Taplin, and Pat Kearns. Cover artwork is by Jon Stommel of Rather Severe. Photographs are by Michael McInernery, with thanks to The Woolen Men. Album design is by Dane Brist. Banana Stand would like to thank all the bands and all the fans who participated in this album’s creation, and anyone that has helped us out along the way. Please download full-length live albums from the bands you enjoy on this compilation, and please donate when you do – all profits are shared with artists.