Compilation: Live from the Banana Stand Vol. 1

Banana Stand is proud to offer a brand new sampler of some of the best we have to offer. Download Live from the Banana Stand Vol. 1 for pay-what-you-want today!


We know you’ve heard a lot about this 20-song collection, so we’ll keep this short. But, since we’re mostly-secret and this is our biggest public offering so far, it seems appropriate to tell you why Banana Stand and this compilation exist.


We work on this project because Portland’s live scene is special and merits documentation. There may be no other place with such concentration of talented artists and such a robust ecosystem to support them. Portland’s bands and other artists are the people that make this such an awesome and interesting place to live. We really hope that with this compilation, the tons of albums we have online for pay-what-you-want and the amazing things we have coming up, we can help more listeners tune in to the local scene and connect with bands they’ll love.


So, please, download the compilation! Please also tell any of your music-loving friends about it. If you are able to donate in return — amazing! All funds will go to documenting Portland artists. If you are unable to donate — no sweat! Our goal is to get the compilation to as many listeners as possible, so please download whether you can donate or not. And, remember — if you like the artists featured on the comp, visit our online store for full-length live albums from each!


– Team Banana Stand


Thanks! This compilation would not have been possible without the people listed on this page. We thank them. We would also like again thank all of the bands featured, our post-production staff, and the compilation’s sponsors: Cravedog, Stumptown Printers, Hawthorne Theater, The Portland Mercury, Rather Severe and Vita Mastering.