Interview: The No Tomorrow Boys

We first heard of The No Tomorrow Boys while hanging out with some super rad music foik over at the house of And And And drummer Bim. Fellow drummer Jimmy seemed like a rad dude, but we had no idea that the band was so incredible. Dirty rock & roll is one way to describe the group’s sound. Authentic, but out of time. The trio of Danny Dodge, Jimmy Beat, and Matt Mayhem will clock you in the face, and then buy you a shot to celebrate. The guys answered some questions over email as they prepare to come in for a live recording later this month; we can only assume they were wearing leather jackets while doing so.

How long has the band been together in its current form? How did it come together?

Danny Dodge: We’ve been together for just about a year. Jim and I go back about a year and a half. I had a crude formation of this band while in Seattle, but they weren’t a good fit, so I brought all the songs I wrote to Portland and started on a new line-up. That’s when I met Jimmy.

Jimmy Beat: I met Danny at a Last Thursday up on Alberta, back in October 2012. We met through a mutal friend at the time, and immediately gravitated towards each other. After sharing our tastes in music and what a band should be like, he told me about his attempt at starting The No Tomorrow Boys in Seattle, and his desire to try again here in Portland. I committed right there on the spot, and shortly after quit this punk band I was playing in. We met Matt months later after he responded to a Craigslist ad I posted looking for a bass player. My dear friend, Derek Dolls (founding member of the punk band Cheap Sex) has just moved to town and we had already taken him on as our bass player, but Matt came out to our shows anyway to hang out and we formed a friendship. We found out that Matt played killer guitar after seeing his one man band at the Foggy Notion one night, and soon after took him on as lead guitar. Derek left a few months later due to personal reason/obligations, which leaves us where we are at now.

How would you describe your sound? What are your key influences?

DD: We play roots rock ‘n’ roll. The real nitty-gritty stuff from when rock ‘n’ roll was first crawlin’ outta the primordial ooze. We’re influenced by all the wild rock ‘n’ rollers, like Little Richard, Link Wray, Jerry Lee, Benny Joy, Wynonie Harris, Louie Jordan, Huey Piano Smith . . . plus some of the later punk rockers from the 70s to the 90s, like The Dictators, Johnny Thuders, Teenage Head, The Devil Dogs, The Raunch Hands, Oblivians, Guitar Worlf, etc.

JB: RIFF-RAFF Rock ‘n’ Roll!

Matt Mayhem: Yeah, we’re pretty much punked-up traditional rock ‘n’ roll, but we’re influenced by all sortsa wild ‘n’ frantic music.

Tell us your thoughts about recording live. What makes you interested in recording live at The Banana Stand?

DD: I think live records are amazing when done right. Plus, you gotta have a band that thrives on live shows. i think we do that. I’m interested in the ‘Stand cause you guys seem to really have your shit together. Professional without bein’ hard to work with. You ain’t against workin’ with a pack of ruffians like us. Hah!

MM: Yeah, live recordings often capture a different dynamic of a band than studio recordings. There’s an energy and excitement that ecists with band members feeding off each other, and off the audience. The ‘Stand seems like a great place for this, being so intimate and all.

JB: I’m excited. This is right up our alley!

What’s your favorite memory of a live show? Least favorite?

DD: As in our live shows? Favorite memories would be whenever people let loose and go apeshit. You gotta dance at rock ‘n’ roll shows! Too many squares out there just sit still like statues, man. Our record release at Club 21 was real wild like that. Bad experience are few and far between. Maybe people fucking with us while we play? We always handle that firmly and swiftly, though.

JB: I agree with Danny. I also wanna add our show with pals Los Headaches (Mexico City) at East End. That show was a blast, and solidified my devotion (I’m always finding more reasons) to this band and this life. They covered Del Shannon’s “Runaway” and we got up there and sang it with ’em. I felt like a front man that moment, which was kinda cool.

MM: Mine’s prolly the first time I saw the boys before I joined. I’m still not clear on what happened, but mid-song Danny and Jimmy jumped off stand and whirl of chaos ensued, resulting in some punches being thrown and Jimmy putting some guy in a headlock. That definitely got my attention.

What are your favorite live albums?

DD: The Stooges’ Metallic K.O., The Cramps’ Smell of Female, New York Dolls’ Teenage News, Jerry Lee Lee Lewis’ Live at the Star Club. I also got a killer live record of Sonny Boy Williamson backed by the Yardbirds. I think that was at the Star Club, too. Not to mention many Johnny Thunders and The Cramps bootlegs. I miss the days of bootleg records!

JB: Yeah, Smell of Female and Thunder’s bootlegs for sure.

MM: The Cramps Smell of Female, Rezillos’ Mission Accomplished. That Live at The Masque series. Ramones’ It’s Alive, and Louis Armstrong’s Ambassador Satch . . .

What other projects are you all involved with?

DD: Just recorded 12 songs with Pat Kearns at PermaPress Records. Release plans, labels, etc. are still in the works.

JB: yeah, we’re psyched on the new recordings, we still gotta get ’em mastered though. Buy some combs and junk from us so we can put these out!

What are you working on lately?

DD: Writing a ton of new songs. Booking a NW tour with our pals in YouthBitch, then booking another tour after that, and then maybe a Mexico tour with Los Headaches further on down the line? Who knows!

JB: We just designed some shirts, too! We’re trying to pool some money together at the moment so we can get the screens made. I’m excited to start seein’ those around town.

MM: We’re also working on a video for our first single. Due out someday . . .

Big thanks to Danny, Jimmy, and Matt for answering questions. The No Tomorrow Boys will perform at The Banana Stand as part of our ongoing series of ongoing, secret live recording events.

Find out more about The No Tomorrow Boys on Facebook and Bandcamp.