Interview: Curious Hands

The Banana Stand is thrilled to make Curious Hands – Live from the Banana Stand available in its entirety on July 12th. It's a phenomenal live record that you're going to love. To get you ready for its release, Tyler and John from Curious Hands answered our interview questions via email.

Banana Stand: It's been three years since this album was recorded. What's been happening with Curious Hands since?

John Barrios: We have continued our Spinal Tap drummer rotation, but we also continue to write 4 times as many songs as we actually play. We write a lot of crap before we find the golden nuggets. We unintentionally took a hiatus, but that shit is behind us. Book us! We have a bandcamp page with two of our records up, one for free download, but you can listen to everything there.

BS: What other projects have you been working on during the last year?

JB: I do a lot of writing, poetry and fiction, and I have been a stay at home father, so, you know, rugrats are time vacuums.

TR: Bubble Cats. I played bass on the new Wooden Indian record, that hits the streets soon and sounds freaking awesome.

BS: What has been your favorite thing in Portland music in the last year? In music beyond Portland?

JB: I really like Eternal Tapestry and Run On Sentence. Two very different styles, but that's just the diversity of the Portland music scene. I have also been really excited by Bad Blood, a monthly poetry series hosted by Drew Swenhaugen at the Worksound Gallery in the SE.

TR: I rarely listen to American music but I saw some dude playing buckets on the street the other day, he was ripping it up. Coral Stabz is a pretty sweet band, they're from the island state. The rest of my time is taken up listening to J-rock/pop

BS: Do you have any events coming up that folks should check out?

JB: July 15th we are playing the Hungry Tiger.

TR: July 15th like John said and July 30th there's a block party (bubble cats) put on by the PALS Clubhouse guys.


Out July 12th!

Big thanks to Tyler and John from Curious Hands for participating in our interview. Curious Hands, as recorded May 3rd, 2008, was Tyler, John, Chris Ubick and Jason Ferris. The live album of this performance comes out Tuesday, July 12th and is a fucking killer release. Be sure to grab it!

Check out more of Curious Hands on Facebook and MySpace.