Hustle and Drone – “Fame”

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A haunted, synthy beat underwrites this bangin’ groove from Hustle and Drone, while the band’s airy vocals lend a lightness to the rest of the song. With a heavy, distorted Rickenbacker blaring the bass along side some piercing keyboard progressions, this video give you a glance into the trio’s emotive live performance.


– Austen


“Fame” was recorded before a live audience May 28th, 2016 at Banana Stand in Portland, OR and features Hustle and Drone. The video features footage from camera operators Michael McInerney, Darren Hartman, Tyler Bertram, and Nick Gattman, was directed by Michael McInerney, and edited by Sam Smith. Audio for this video recorded by Adam Harney and mixed and mastered by Edgar McRae. Cover art for this release was designed by Dane Brist and feature photography from Michael Reiersgaard.

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